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*SPECIAL NOTICE: As of June 17, 2024 The Circuit Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, St. Clair County, Illinois and it's Jury Commission are receiving calls from citizens who have been contact by imposters using fake names, titles and badge numbers attempting to convince individuals that they have missed jury duty and a warrant is out for their arrest unless they forward funds to prevent the action. Chief Judge Andrew J. Gleeson stated, " The public will never receive a phone call from law enforcement or court officials asking for payment for a missed jury service, nor will you be asked for any banking, financial, or social security information. If you have been contacted by these scammers please notify the St. Clair County Sheriff immediately at 618-277-3505." 

Sept. 24 - Annual G.R.E.A.T. Event

For young adults with disabilities who are or will receive transition services within their IEP and to provide transition resources to these students and their families. Learn more here.


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